The greater peace of mind enjoyed when working with a duly registered U.S. corporation.

KRT is one of the most well-known U.S. inspection agencies specializing in China inspections and audits.

10-fold inspection oversight coverage. The inspection industry’s highest! Terms and conditions apply.

KRT offers a free-of-charge, dispute resolution service when you and your supplier do not agree on quality issues.

Our founder’s first audit dates back to 1990 in northeastern China. If you want experience, you’ll choose KRT Audit Corp!

Online payment with Paypal; Risk-free, off-line payment by credit card with KRT! Monthly terms on approved credit.

Only KRT has up to a 50% longer 12-hour work day. Others offer 8 hours before more charges accrue!

KRT openly publishes its actual inspection rates so no need to request a quotation. Volume discounts available!

No extra charge for ground travel expenses or inspecting of multiple items! Some limitations may apply.

Your first China shipment inspection is just US$195!

KRT uses a more strict AQL inspection standard which favors you, not the supplier!

Free pre-inspection and post-inspection consultations on your situation.

KRT offers optional, on-site corrective action to help your supplier resolve any QC problems discovered.

KRT has no “conflict-of-interest” activities. We only inspect. No importing. No supplier referrals.

Detailed inspection reports & photos available at your secure control panel in just 16-24 hours! We email too!

KRT posts unsolicited comments from its customers so you can see what people are really saying about us.

Enterprise Member ASQ (American Society for Quality); Member ASTM, the American Society of Testing & Measurement.

KRT assigns English-speaking project managers to oversee your inspection and ensure it’s performed correctly & on-time.

Real-time communication from our Asia offices directly to you during your business day. No need to wait a day for reply!

Always a native English-speaker available to serve you at 800-391-9693 (North America) or 760-728-1492.

KRT, Protecting You! ®

Professional Quality Control Inspectors
and Expert Factory Auditors