Our All-Inclusive Rates Include

All ground transportation costs, door-to-door.

Up to 12 hours (inspection+travel+reporting)*

Detailed statistical report with written comments

Plentiful digital photos; video clips upon request

Pre-inspection and post inspection follow-up

Online control panel to review and archive reports

24/7 online assistance by live support personnel

China Pre-Shipment Inspections

Western Service at China Rates
Volume Discounts Available!

(per day, most locations)



Especially for New Customers!

Your First China Shipment
Inspection Rate is…

(per day, most locations)



Complete Factory Audits

20-Page Written Report
50+ Digital Photos
Lowest Rate Anywhere!



KRT Audit Corporation provides audit, inspection, and testing services in China, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, South Korea, and Japan.

Product-Shipment Inspections Rates Per Work Day
China India Vietnam Asia
Final Shipment Inspection
after production is completed
$295 $318 $318 $348
In Process Inspection
during the production process
$295 $318 $318 $348
First Article Inspection
prior to full production run
$295 $318 $318 $348
Container Loading Check
at the time of container loading
$295 $318 $318 $348
MFG Process Supervision
during the production process
$295 $318 $318 $348
Defect Sorting Inspection
during/after production process
$295 $318 $318 $348
Supplier & Factory
Rates Per Work Day
China India Vietnam Asia
Complete Factory Audit
for manufacturing entities
$348 $388 $388 $388
Complete Social Audit
for manufacturing entities
$348 $388 $388 $388
Basic Factory Audit
for manufacturing entities
$298 $348 $348 $348
Complete Reseller Audit
for non-manufacturing entities
$298 $348 $348 $348
China Business Verify
Extensive Background Check
Anti Terrorism Audit
for all business entities
$298 $348 $348 $388

The KRT 12-hour Work Day!

KRT is the only inspection agency providing up to a 12-hour work day per inspection assignment for inspection completion, roundtrip travel, and initial inspector report processing.This KRT service innovation provides you up to 50% additional inspection time for your inspection or audit projects. Valid for China orders only.

KRT, Protecting You! ®

Professional Quality Control Inspectors
and Expert Factory Auditors