Factory and Supplier Audits

Due Diligence in China and Asia

Complete Factory Audit

Guaranteed lowest rate anywhere!


DESCRIPTION: Complete Factory Audits (CFA) confirm factory ownership, management personnel, legal status, bank accounts, factory size, production capabilities, machinery, materials, packing, quality control, test equipment, certifications, and social compliance factors.


WHEN TO USE: Use this service if you want a truly comprehensive, in-depth appraisal of a prospective or current manufacturer.


inspector performing a complete factory audit in China and Asia

inspector performing a basic factory audit in China and Asia

Basic Factory Audit

A great lower-cost option!


DESCRIPTION: Basic Factory Audits (BFA) are similar to the Complete Factory Audits (CFA), but they do not include review of the materials and packing departments, the testing department, nor do they include the social compliance component included in the CFA service.


WHEN TO USE: Use this scaled-down supplier audit service if your budget does not allow for the Complete Factory Audit (CFA).


Complete Reseller Audit

Check before sending payment!


DESCRIPTION: Complete Reseller Audits (CRA) confirms company size, company ownership and management, legal status, bank accounts, for non-manufacturing entities such as agents, brokers, distributors, trading companies and other middlemen.


WHEN TO USE: Use this service prior to transacting business with an agent, broker, distributor, or trading company to reduce payment risk.


Factory & Supplier audits

inspector performing a business license check in China and Asia

Business License Check

Quick turn-around and lowest cost!


DESCRIPTION: Business License Checks (BLC) confirm your supplier’s official company name, legal status, license registration number, company address, legally responsible party, and the validity date range of the supplier’s business license.


WHEN TO USE: Use this service if your main concern is that your supplier is a legally licensed business in good standing.


Complete Social Audit

Guaranteed lowest rate anywhere!


DESCRIPTION: Complete Social Audits (CSA) use globally recognized standards to confirm safe working conditions, working hours and wages, rest and vacation time, underage labor, forced/prison labor, disciplinary practices, discrimination, etc.


WHEN TO USE: Use this service if you require social compliance certification. Excellent pre-audit for Wal-Mart, Target, Shopko, etc.


Anti-Terrorism Audit

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DESCRIPTION: The Anti-Terrorism Audit (ATA) uses C-TPAT guidelines to ensure your supplier is fully compliant. C-TPAT is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and focused on supply chain security.


WHEN TO USE: Use this service for C-TPAT compliance. Compliance may allow you to avoid U.S. Customs screening delays.


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