China and Asia Quality Control Inspections, Factory and Supplier Audits, and Lab Testing Services

in China and Asia


  • Final Shipment Inspection
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Container Loading Check
  • First Article Inspection
  • Mfg. Process Supervision
  • Defect Sorting Inspection


  • Complete Factory Audit
  • Complete Reseller Audit
  • Complete Social Audit
  • Basic Factory Audit
  • Business License Check
  • Anti-Terrorism Audit


  • Shareholder Information
  • Court Summons, Lawsuits
  • Violations of the Law
  • Oustanding Tax Notices
  • Financing History
  • Ownership Control Path


  • Textile, Garments, Footwear
  • Food, Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronic, Appliances
  • Eco-Environmental
  • Physical Properties
  • Children’s Toys
About Us

KRT Audit Corporation is a privately held U.S. Corporation, owned and operated by trustworthy, 3rd generation North Americans. Our first China inspection dates back to 1990, 30 years ago in northeastern China.

We provide highly in-depth supplier and factory audits, exceedingly detailed product and shipment inspections, and globally accredited lab testing services throughout China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  

KRT Audit Corporation has approximately 275 dedicated, hard-working inspectors performing product and shipment inspections, factory and supplier audits, and laboratory testing services in Asia’s 14 most export active countries.

We serve importers from 70 different countries worldwide!

Some Highlights…

  • China quality control inspections just $295. First inspection just
    $195. Factory audits just $348; lowest rate anywhere, guaranteed!
  • Only KRT has up to a 50% longer, 12-hour work day. The others stop at just 8 hours. Don’t pay more for less inspection time!
  • KRT Audit Corporation services importers from 70 countries
    worldwide! North & Latin Americas, Europe, Asia, & Africa.
  • 10-fold inspection oversight coverage. The inspection industry’s
    highest. KRT has you covered! Some restrictions apply.
  • KRT uses a tightened, more strict AQL (Inspection Quality Limit)
    inspection standard which favors you, not the supplier!
  • Always a native English-speaker available to serve you toll-free
    at 800-391-9693, or from overseas at 001-760-728-1492.

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We Inspect 100’s of Different Products Everyday!

KRT Audit Corporation is a full-service, full-line Asia inspection agency with specific expertise in the inspection of products and the auditing of suppliers across a large number of different industries.

soft goods inspection category for China and Asia
Soft Goods

A subset of Non-Durable Goods, including not only “soft” goods, but also goods which have a short useful life, usually less than 3 years.

hard goods inspection category for China and Asia
Hard Goods

A subset of Durable Goods, which includes not only “hard” goods, but also goods which have a useful life greater than 3 years.


industrial goods inspection category for China and Asia

Items manufactured for use or consumption by other industries or firms as opposed to goods made for direct purchase by retail consumers.

The 14 Countries in Which We Inspect, Audit, and Test…

for Customers in 70 Countries Worldwide!















More Reasons To Choose Us!

The greater peace-of-mind enjoyed when working with a duly registered U.S. corporation.


Real-time communication from our Asia offices directly to you during your business day. No need to wait a day for a reply!


KRT assigns an English-speaking project manager to ensure your inspections are performed correctly & on-time.


KRT is one of the most well-known U.S. inspection agencies specializing in China & Asia pre-shipment inspections and factory/supplier audits.


KRT hasn’t any “conflict-of-interest” activities. It does not engage in the importation of goods nor does it provide any supplier referrals.


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