KRT China Factory Inspection Services

China and Asia Quality Control Inspections, Factory and Supplier Audits, and Lab Testing Services

We can immediately minimize your defect rates and maximize your import product quality. With locations across China and Asia, and professional inspectors stationed throughout 12 countries, KRT Audit Corporation is positioned to provide for all your Asia inspection needs.

KRT Protecting You

KRT, The Leader in Outbound China Pre-Shipment Inspection!

KRT, The Leader in Outbound China Pre-Shipment Inspection!

China quality control inspections just $295. New customers just $195. Factory audits just $395, lowest rate anywhere guaranteed!

Our founder's first inspection performed in 1990, over 25 years ago in Qingdao China. If you need experience, you'll choose KRT!

California corporation owned & operated by 100% trustworthy, 3rd generation North Americans. You can always count on us!

KRT Audit Corporation services importers from over 60 countries worldwide! North & Latin Americas, Europe, Asia, & Africa.

Only KRT has up to a 50% longer, 12-hour work day. The others stop at just 8 hours. Don't pay more for less inspection time!

12-fold inspection oversight coverage. The inspection industry's highest. KRT has you covered! Some restrictions apply.

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